‘Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.’

— Pericles

This site was created out of the frustration of the 24 hour news cycle and their handling of the 2016 Presidential race. In our media-driven age we are bombarded with a constant information flow that has a nasty side effect of attention apathy. What ends up happening is we’re not very good at following a story to it’s conclusion, so we end up losing a lot of context and truth about our world.
Almost on a daily basis, businessman Donald J. Trump makes a dubious comment or is involved in a highly controversial incident that is reported on, discussed, and then promptly forgotten in the 24 hour cycle as attention is turned to his next wacky tweet. What gets lost in the cycle is context; We know he is controversial figure but we don’t know just how controversial Donald Trump actually is.

This site Stop The Donald Trump (stoptrump.com was taken) is meant to fill in this gap. We won’t be breaking any stories, we do not have these resources.  Instead it is our intention to report on each comment, every crazy tweet, and highlight all the protest videos, all categorized by content for ease of use.

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Our Stance On Donald Trump

In our writing and analysis we start from a few basic premises:

  • Donald Trump makes controversial and offensive statements that are below a serious candidate for the highest office in the land.
  • Donald Trump is dangerously unqualified for the Presidency. His lack of knowledge of basic laws and foreign policy is blindingly obvious, and his violent and offensive rhetoric continues to have no low point.
  • Donald Trump is not a conservative. As we review his policies they will incur large debts and require massive spending and do not fall in line with neo-conservative thinking. It is our believe that Donald Trump’s public political views lie somewhere in the populist/fascist/authoritarian range. We plan on taking a deep look into this shortly and look forward to the discussion.
  • We’re not interested in the perceived “liberal” or “conservative” bias of the source, as long as it is reliable and the quality of evidence is high.
  • Even Donald Trump may be correct at times.

But you might say, “Stop The Donald Trump, how can you be objective when you are starting from a biased position?” To which we would retort, “Our website is called ‘Stop The Donald Trump’.”

How This Site Operates

We wish to promote positive conversations with Trump supporters, which requires ground rules on how we communicate.

  1. We, Stop The Donald Trump, take no position or endorse any other presidential candidate. We are only here to be a tool for researching Donald Trump. (Except maybe Ted Cruz, his immigration policies are just as bad as Trump’s and he once shut down the United States government causing $24 billion in lost revenue. Don’t vote for him either.)
  2. We will always try to engage with Trump supporters who differ in opinion in a polite and respectful manner. We recognize this is the internet and Godwin’s Law is always in effect and can terminate conversations at any time.
  3. All articles, facts, and figures will be sourced using the CARS checklist. So if you personally have an issue with a link to an article from the “lame-stream media”, just remember that proof is not the about the source of a claim but the veracity of the evidence.
  4. Sometimes we display a sarcastic sense of humor and that can come through in the tone of our writing. We’ll try to remember this, keep it to a minimum, and identify it with irony punctuation or scare quotes. What’s that you say? “This duh!”

Gowdy’s Law

We would like to offer the internet a new scientific theory we call “Gowdy’s Law” named after Trent Gowdy. It states:

As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Hillary or Bengahzi approaches 1.

Article Structure


The body of an article will contain a description about the event or comment that occurred. We don’t have a team of reporters, so many articles will be referenced from another source. We always attribute the source in the “Links” section.


The reality section you can think of as a dose of fresh reality after the lies or misstatements. It will include factual and well-sourced links to counter statements made in the body as well as placing the event or comment in context.


The media section will include embedded or linked video or audio relevant to the body text. For example if someone makes a comment on a talk show you can expect the video of that exchange to be here.


This section will contain hyperlinks to external websites, including the original source as the first link, then followed by secondary links that are relevant to the body text.