Have an argument with your racist uncle? Idiot co-worker keep putting up xenophobic memes on their Facebook wall? This page will help gather links and facts to counter their stupid position.

Note: This page is a work in progress. Lot’s of policies to review.

Policy Effect on Economy

This is a list of policies that we have analyzed so far. Each policy includes the total estimated cost over 10 years in billions, if the savings is a negative number then there is a cost.

Note: Trump made a change to his tax reform plan which will result in the modification of the economic impact. Review to come shortly.

Policy Low-End Savings High-End Savings
Tax Reform $-4,400.00 billion $-5,900.00 billion
Immigration Reform $-227.45  billion $-227.45 billion
The Great Wall of Trump $-32.50 billion $-32.50 billion
Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency *$-175.69 billion *$-1,098.83 billion
Obamacare $673.00 billion $673 billion
Total $-4,162.64 billion $-6,585.78 billion

* A non-official estimate.

At the cost of 37 million people.

Non-Economic Policies

Believe Me!
Nuclear Proliferation
Radical Islam and The Age of Terror
Trump University