Trump Heckles Latino Protester

A group of immigration hecklers took on presidential candidate Donald Trump during a campaign event in New Hampshire.

Trump was taking questions at the historic Exeter Town Hall building in Exeter, where his supporters were packed in like sardines. Also in the mosh pit, it turned out, were a few opponents of the candidates’ position on immigration.

One young woman began asking the Republican candidate for president a question by identifying herself as being from Southern California.

“What are you doing here?” Trump asked. “Are you a liberal Democrat, by any chance?”

After the woman mentioned that immigrants “do the work that nobody else wants to do and for a lot less,” the real estate tycoon asked, “Who told you to be here? Bernie [Sanders]?”

“This is a Bernie plant,” Trump said, referring to Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. “This is a Bernie plant.”

Another audience member then yelled out that immigrants living in the country illegally are the “backbone of this country.” In response Trump heckled back:

Illegal immigrants are the backbone of our country? I don’t think so, darling. You know what the backbone of our country is? People that came here, and they came here legally … and they worked their asses off and they made the country great.



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