Trump Talks About Judges ‘Signing Bills’

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump made a bizarre assertion about judges “signing bills” during the February 25th Republican CNN debate.

Trump made the comments while defending his sister Maryanne Trump Barry, who is a senior judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit. She is also pro-choice.

Trump said:

“Excuse me, she’s a brilliant judge. He’s been criticizing — he’s been criticizing my sister for signing a certain bill. You know who else signed that bill? Justice Samuel Alito, a very conservative member of the Supreme Court, with my sister, signed that bill. So I think that maybe we should get a little bit of an apology from Ted. What do you think?”

(h/t Daily Caller)


Judges don’t sign bills. That’s not how our democracy works.

The many statements by Trump like this highlight his complete lack of knowledge and understanding of the United States Constitution and our laws.


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