Trump Promises to Defend Supporters Who Beat Up Protesters in Court

Trump promotes violence

Donald Trump says a violent episode involving a protester at one of his rallies “was amazing to watch.”

The Republican presidential front-runner told a Warren, Michigan audience on Friday that he’s tired of political correctness when it comes to handling protesters. He was interrupted several times during his remarks by yelling protesters, as he often is at his events.

During one interruption, Trump said:

“Get him out. Try not to hurt him. If you do I’ll defend you in court. Are Trump rallies the most fun?” He then asked the crowd. “We’re having a good time.”

He then recalled an incident at a New Hampshire rally where a protester started “swinging and punching.” Trump said some people in the audience “took him out.”

It was really amazing to watch.


Comments like these add to the growing evidence that Donald Trump supports and condones violence against people with different ideas.



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