Trump Calls for Arrests After Protesters Disrupt Kansas City Speech

Donald Trump said he wants to start “pressing charges” against protesters after the Republican presidential frontrunner’s Kansas City rally on Saturday was repeatedly interrupted by demonstrations.

The controversial candidate blamed “bad, bad people” for the disruptions, which came just a day after fights between Trump supporters and protesters erupted in Chicago.

I hope these guys get thrown in jail — they’ll never do it again,” Trump said on Saturday. “It’ll destroy their record, they’ll have to explain to mom and dad why they have a police record and why they can’t get a job. And you know what? I’m going to start pressing charges against these people.


I don’t want to ruin people’s lives. But the only way we’re going to stop this craziness is if we press charges.


Freedom of speech without government interference is a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

But… but… my’s free speech was violated! Waaah!

The protesters aren’t agents of the government, therefore, there was no constitutional violation.



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