Republicans Block FEC From Publishing Rule On Foreign Election Interference

FEC Chair Ellen L Weintraub had to tweet out the entire FEC weekly digest after Republicans blocked her from publishing it because it contained a draft rule banning foreign election interference.

Weintraub tweeted:

Here is the summary of the draft rulethat Republicans blocked from publication, “The Federal Election Commission is summarizing its interpretation of the prohibition on foreign national contributions, donations, expenditures, and disbursements in connection with a federal, state, or local election, as well as the prohibition on soliciting, accepting, or receiving a contribution from a foreign national, under the Federal Election Campaign Act and Commission regulations.”

To summarize, a Republican FEC commissioner blocked the publication of the commission’s entire weekly digest, because he did not want the draft rule on banning foreign nationals from donating and candidates from accepting their donations and assistance to be printed.

Donald Trump isn’t the only Republican who is taking help from foreign nationals. At some point, the American people are going to find out that the Republican Party runs on illegal foreign money. 

It is becoming clear that Republicans might not be able to win elections without illegal foreign cash, and keep the money coming they will try to silence any elements big or small who try to enforce or educate about the law.

[Politics USA]