Trump praises Sammy’s Mexican Grill after owners slammed for supporting him

President Trump on Sunday gave a shoutout to a Mexican food grill in Arizona after the owners were hit with a wave of backlash for appearing at a rally for the president in Phoenix.

“The food is GREAT at Sammy’s Mexican Grill in Phoenix, Arizona,” the president tweeted. “Congratulations to Betty & Jorge Rivas on doing such a wonderful job. I will try hard to stop by the next time I am in Phoenix. Support Sammy’s!”

The owners of Sammy’s grill, Jorge and Betty Rivas, are both naturalized U.S. citizens and unapologetic Trump supporters. They said the latest backlash for appearing at the Feb. 19 rally was only the latest in attacks since they came out in support of the president in 2016.

“We have never denied or [tried to] hide from what we stand for or what we believe,” Mr. Rivas told “Fox & Friends” earlier Sunday. “And we’ve been active. We’ve been going to President Trump’s rally in Phoenix and going to other meetings where Republicans meet.”

“We know who we are,” he said. “We know that it’s important for us to stay out there, to say what we feel. I personally feel that for me, staying quiet, saying, ‘Oh I’m not going to express my opinion because they might attack me,’ that would go against what I believe. That would go against what America stands for.”

Mr. Rivas said that despite receiving an onslaught of negative reviews and threats, their business had started picking up in recent days.

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