Trump’s $60 Bible is Probably Made in Asia Says Expert

Tim Wildsmith, who reviews various Bibles on his YouTube channel, decided to purchase and review Donald Trump’s scam $60 Bible amid its growing popularity among his sucker base. Upon receipt, Wildsmith noted the Bible’s overall presentation was underwhelming, considering its price. The cover, though branded with patriotic symbols, is made from synthetic leather, which appeared cheap and was already showing signs of wear like creases and dings upon arrival. Additionally, the Bible lacks detailed publishing information, typically found in most Bibles, which adds to the ambiguity about its production.

The internal quality of the Bible also left much to be desired. The paper was thin with significant bleed-through, and the text was tightly packed, making for a difficult reading experience. Wildsmith was particularly taken aback by the fact that the pages of the Bible were poorly produced, with many pages stuck together—a flaw that became apparent as pages tore when he attempted to turn them.

The inclusion of American documents and the Pledge of Allegiance directly after the text of the Bible was, to Wildsmith, a peculiar choice that might not resonate well with all audiences. The blending of nationalistic elements with scriptural texts has raised questions about the appropriateness of intertwining religious faith with patriotic sentiments in such a manner.

The only copyright information, where there normally would be one, only lists the copyright of the typesetting.

Critically, Wildsmith found the commercialization aspect of the Bible problematic. The high retail price coupled with the low production quality suggests a profit-driven motive rather than a genuine effort to enrich faith through patriotic pride. Moreover, the lack of transparency about the Bible’s production where there is normally copyright information hints at possible outsourcing in Asia, which could be seen as hypocritical given its patriotic marketing.

What you also see on a page like that is where it was printed. A lot of Bibles like this are printed in China and I would be shocked if Donald Trump was promoting a Bible that was printed and bound in China but I I literally can’t find it.

I looked on their website and it says nothing about where it was printed. That is a little bit suspicious to me that they’re not telling us where these Bibles were printed. Which makes me think that it’s definitely not in the United States, because I think they would proudly put that in here if it was and that it’s likely somewhere in Asia, particularly probably someplace like China.

Trump merchandise made in China has been known for some time, with various news outlets reporting on this fact, as well as the cognitive dissidence employed by Trump supporters who cheer when Trump bashes China and cheer when Trump constantly talks about how great Xi Jinping is.

Wildsmith concluded The God Bless the USA Bible stands as a controversial artifact at the intersection of faith and patriotism. It challenges the conventional separation of church and state and raises ethical questions about the commercialization of religious texts. While it may appeal to a niche market of patriotic believers, it also risks alienating others who view such a melding of American identity and Christian faith as inappropriate or even offensive.