Conspiracy Theory
By Austin / March 6, 2018

Conspiracy Alert: Russia probe started from man with ties to Hilary Clinton

Right-wing news is pushing a new nutjob conspiracy theory to discredit the FBI and the Mueller investigation. This one is...

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By Austin / July 25, 2017

The Collapse of American Democracy in Congress

With Vice President Mike Pence casting a tiebreaking vote giving the GOP enough votes for the motion to proceed to bring...

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By Austin / June 3, 2017

The Denial of Climate Change

President Donald Trump proclaimed he was withdrawing the US from the Paris climate accord, a sweeping step that fulfills a...

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By Austin / May 4, 2017

House Passes American Health Care Act

With House #Republicans passing #AHCA to repeal #Obamacare, today is a good time to talk to your conservative family

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By Austin / April 14, 2017

What Is Up With Jeffrey Lord Comparing Trump to MLK?

We explain why Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord makes really bad arguments.

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Death of Democracy
By Austin / April 6, 2017

The Stolen Supreme Court Seat

The Republican theft of the Supreme Court is complete, with the appointment of Neil Gorsuch.

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Trump Lies
By Austin / February 20, 2017

This is What Propaganda Looks Like

Showing Fox News uses propaganda to further Donald Trump's false claims.

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By Austin / February 17, 2017

Trump Just Repeats What He Sees On The News

Many people wonder how Donald Trump continues to repeat outlandish claims, and where could he possibly have received such information...

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Cabinet, Normalization of Hate
By Tim Monson / February 9, 2017

Sit Down and Shut Up

Last night, Senator and vestigial backbone of the Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren, got up to filibuster the impending confirmation of...

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By Austin / February 1, 2017

Donald Trump Takes Credit For Dow Bump, Ignores Its Down Slide

@BarakObama ran 26.1 miles, Trump walked across the finish and claimed victory for running a marathon.

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Trump and alt-right mascot Pepe the Frog kissing.
Normalization of Hate
By Austin / November 16, 2016

What Is the Alt-Right

This week, Donald J. Trump named Steve Bannon as White House Chief Strategist, to the condemnation of many groups. Bannon,...

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Nazi graffiti on a wall
Normalization of Hate
By Austin / November 9, 2016

Day 1 In Trump’s America

What most people failed to understand, and what so many of us tried to explain, is the language Donald J....

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By Austin / November 8, 2016

The 2016 Election Results

Hello friends who cast their votes for Donald J. Trump. I want you to know first congratulations. For whatever your...

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